What my patients say


<<The advice and care I received from Isabella and her team was very professional, competent and helpful. I was kept well informed about the various stages and am pleased with the outcome. It was very kind to arrange a taxi which took me back to the train station after the initial long treatment session. Not only the treatment but also the aftercare was excellent.>>

<<I would like to thank Isabella  for an excellent patient experience before, during and after my treatment as well as an amazing result. I had a longstanding gum issue where a wisdom tooth which had been removed over 30 years earlier had subsequently become infected, leading to a deep pocket behind a rear molar. In spite of regular dental care, it was becoming clear that this pocket was threatening the loss of the next tooth. Worse still, from the initial x-rays it became apparent that the bone in that area of the jaw had degenerated. While I wanted to be optimistic, I was quite doubtful about how much improvement could be made given the severity of the symptoms, but thought that attempting to hold back any further loss would be worthwhile. Isabella is obviously a leading specialist in her field and was in fact able not only to stop the bone loss but also to successfully use a bone graft to regenerate the area of the jaw, to save the next tooth and to massively reduce the gum pocket to prevent further infection. Isabella’s balance of professionalism, friendliness and calm efficiency throughout was incredibly reassuring as was the kindness and consideration shown during the treatment and the follow up. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend them.>>

<<I was treated by Isabella over a two year period from 2015 to 2017, having been referred by my local dental surgery for upper jaw bone grafting and implant procedures. I was extremely apprehensive and initially very nervous but throughout this period I received the highest possible professional care and consideration from Isabella and her excellent team, who I became to consider as friends . With their outstanding support I was able to undergo the challenging treatment with increasing confidence and will be ever grateful to them for enabling me to smile again. >>

<<I was completely satisfied by the work that Isabella did on my mouth. She was the utmost professional, taking me through the procedures beforehand and explaining every step in detail. The surgery was ‎painless and efficient and my teeth and gums have been transformed. No more gaps and trapped food!>>

<<Isabella and her staff are a very special find! Its rare to have someone look after you who can actually SOLVE problems and make you smile again!>>

<<I have be working with Isabella for over 3 years and can report that myself and patients that I have referred have all been delighted with the level of implant and periodontal specialism she has provided.>>

<<I have been referred to Dr. Rocchietta because my dentist was afraid of treating me, saying I was too complicated. I was terrified I had no options. As soon as I was welcomed by Dr. Rocchietta I felt confident due to her professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. I could finally have options and be treated brilliantly!!!>>

<<Dr Isabella Rocchietta is a brilliant dental surgeon who always puts me at ease and completes all procedures with the utmost professionalism. She is highly skilled, ultra efficient, always explains procedures in depth prior to treatment and provides a cost plan. She administers painless injections and makes the whole procedure as stress-free as possible. My sessions of complicated gum and bone grafting surgery require long periods of intense concentration and her expertise and professionalism can be totally relied upon. I have no hesitation in recommending Isabella.>>

<<I would just like to let people know what a really good experience I had with my treatment from Isabella. I think my gum surgery was particularly challenging and I am so happy with the result. Isabella’s commitment was fantastic and I will recommend her to anyone I know.>>

<<Last week I underwent a three hour treatment for dental implants. Isabella Rocchietta was in charge and I felt I needed to tell you that it was one of the most professional treatments I had in my long dental history. Not only very professional, but also very friendly, hygienic, and almost pain free. And to my big surprise I hardly had any pain, swelling or side effects the days after the treatment. I do admit Isabella is extremely charming and good looking and that definitely helps when you are lying down in that chair undergoing pure torture. Would you be so kind to pass on my compliments and many thanks to Isabella and her team. It has been a real pleasure.>>

<<Dear Isabella and team. I am most pleased to provide the following testimonial, now that my treatment is more or less completed. I have been attending dental treatment over the past 2 years. I previously suffered severe bone loss and gum recession at the front of my mouth, which impeded my ability to fit dental implants. My dental surgeon referred me to Dr Isabella Rocchietta for specialist treatment. Isabella implemented a pioneering treatment plan incorporating biomaterials and contemporaneous technological advances to regenerate the bone and rebuild the gum. It has been an unqualified success, whereupon I was able to have implants fitted. Throughout the treatment period, the whole team were consistently friendly, supportive and professional. From the genuine warm welcome at reception, through to the efficient treatment co-ordination and experienced nursing and post-procedure care by the team. My experience was positive and my original expectations far exceeded. Isabella’s experience and specialist knowledge of periodontology, along with her tireless motivation, exacting skills and standards, combined to overcome what was a very challenging case. I was most fortunate to be referred to such a high quality practice.>>