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We are proud to announce our latest programme, _R-Guided Bone Regeneration Masterclass, delivered in partnership with renowned periodontology specialist, Isabella Rocchietta. Recognised globally as a key lecturer, Isabella is widely known for her extensive work in bone regeneration, implants and periodontology. She has worked for over a decade on the application of tissue engineering to bone regeneration.

Most patients with complex cases (severe bone loss) miss out on receiving gold standard treatment and are left with obsolete options to choose from. As the issue continues, never before has the need for providing effective bone regeneration treatment been imminent and in such high demand.

Over the course of two days, dentists will have the exclusive experience of working first hand with a leading expert like Isabella and will acquire the essential skills needed to deliver the option of Guided Bone Regeneration to more patients, allowing implants to be placed also in those severe cases where lack of bone volume suggests that implants are not a solution. By learning how to restore lost tissue without using any autogenous bone, patients will suffer less and dentists will be able to treat more cases with a predictable and pragmatic approach. Simple concepts for a fascinating biology.

The course will be developed across two intense days, which include a solid background seminar posing emphasis on the diagnosis and case selection as well as hands-on practical exercises and live surgeries. This will enable the participant to embrace all aspects of GBR and take home practical tricks and tips to perform successful GBR.


Soft tissue management is the key to achieve aesthetic success. Periodontal and peri-implant soft tissue management will be presented during the masterclass with particular emphasis on the use of connective tissue grafts.

The course will take place on the following dates and locations:

  • 23-24 February 2018 – London
  • 13-14 July 2018 – London
  • 02-03 November 2018 – Paris